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Brand Recognition

As Brand Consultants we know that Name and branding are critical. When Henderson Robb is working on your brand we need to make it memorable. To differentiate your brand, you have to have something different and better than what your competition is offering their customers. We look to uncover and articulate that point of difference. Like most good consulting firms, we use Positioning and an effective communications strategy to make your brand occupy a distinct position, relative to competing brands, in the mind of your customer.

Luxury Brand Consultants

Give Your Customers Reasons to Choose Your Brand Over the Competition’s

As a Luxury Brand Consultant I have helped companies apply this strategy either by emphasizing the distinguishing features of their brand (what it is, what it does and how, etc.) or I may try to help them create a suitable image (inexpensive or premium, utilitarian or luxurious, entry-level or high-end, etc.) Once I position a brand, it is very difficult to reposition it without destroying its credibility. Make sure the consulting firms you are considering working with have a good handle on product positioning.

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Taglines or Slogans Can Help Your Bottom Line

Marketing your brand with a unique selling proposition (USP) has to be based on market intelligence, a.k.a. research. No matter whether what you’re selling today, chances are someone else is already offering it in the market place.

Apple, Nokia, Adidas, LV, GE, Mc Donalds, Toyota, Pepsi, etc. Logos

Consulting Firms Crave Insight and Knowledge

  • Customer Insights – Knowing what your customer wants and being the best at it can help  you determine if your brand is going to be well liked, preferred, reviewed and recommended
  • Market Knowledge – Listening to customers and stakeholders, like your team and product people can help you create, condense and consolidate a product/service vision
  • A Consolidated Vision – Once you have a consolidated vision you can give your customer what they need, where they need it, at a competitive price, and be the best in your field

A Good Luxury Brand Consultant will Create an Effective Communications Strategy

I have created recipes for success to help lead a client’s customers to their brand’s value and then the brand loyalty begins to follow. We want strive to get our customer’s brands found, and found interesting.

  • Market Intelligence – Consulting firms are either provided the information relevant to a  brand’s markets, gathered and analyzed or they do it themselves on behalf of our client
  • Decision Making – We do our research for campaigns to give our clients accurate and confident decision making
  • Effective Brand Strategy – With the right market intel, marketers can formulate strategic conclusions in areas such as market opportunity, market penetration, and market development

Market Intelligence Includes Gathering Data from Your External Environment

As luxury brand consultants we use a business intelligence process primarily based on internal recorded events such as sales, shipments, and purchases. The purpose of incorporating market information from a branding campaign into the business intelligence process is to provide decision makers with a more complete picture of ongoing brand performance in a set of given market conditions.

Consulting Firms Need to be Brand Evangelists

  • Brand Awareness – Brand awareness helps capture lost sales opportunities
  • Brand Loyalty – Increased brand loyalty lowers the cost of your customer acquisition
  • Brand Evangelists – Loyal customers who recommend your brand to others is critical to long-term brand sustainability

We Create Brand Awareness with Social Media to Connect and Reconnect with Customers

A customer’s existing familiarity with your brand can be leveraged, in partnership with an incentive such as a percentage off coupon, to successfully complete a purchase in person or online. The cost of acquiring new customers is a major cost centre for most businesses. We use increased brand awareness to help draw customers to your brand through low or no cost methods.

Popular Social Media Channels

As Luxury Brand Consultants We Use Ongoing Brand Awareness To Ramp Up Your Customer Loyalty

Since acquiring new customers is such a costly process, retaining customers and bringing them back again and again is critical to long-term brand and business sustainability. Brand loyalty creates a certain level of security for your business. Brand awareness plays an important role in repeat customer activity. Once we are successful in encouraging to purchase your brand from you, you we utilize tools such as newsletters, promotions, and satisfaction surveys to stay in touch. These simple actions can sustain brand awareness among your pool of existing customers.

As a Brand Consultant I have helped companies apply these strategies.