Digital Agency

What Involves Online Advertising

As a Digital Agency, we recognize the importance and value of creating and sustaining an online presence.  We are, and always have been an agency that practices what it preaches.  We work best with business owners and managers who understand and appreciate that developing a proper strategy for digital is the starting point of inbound accountable marketing.

You need a Digital Marketing Agency that thinks before it leaps, with you in tow into the digital space.

We believe the real key to Inbound Accountable Marketing? is using your business goals to develop a dedicated strategy.

There are 4 main pillars a digital advertising agency should be encouraging you to embrace

  • Content is King
  • Digital Advertising Rules
  • Mobile is the Future, Now
  • The Social Network is Not a Fad

Impact of Digital Marketing

Yes, the phrase “Content is King” has become an over-used cliché, the statement is as true as ever.

Some of our clients still look at us with glazed-eyes and are likely too afraid of being seen as out-of-touch it they ask, “so exactly what is content?”

As a Digital advertising agency it behooves us to kindly offer, that in the context of the Internet, content is really anything digital:

  • Website copy
  • Blog posts
  • Infographics
  • Newsletters
  • Whitepapers
  • Campaigns
  • Videos
  • Web and mobile apps

Anything that we design to bring value to your audiences consuming it – whether in the form of entertainment or information – we consider content.

Content is the King

Mediocre content is everywhere, which makes it even more important to create content with a clearly defined strategy based on specific goals & expectations

As a digital marketing agency, Henderson Robb knows that the shift to digital advertising is not something our clients can afford to ignore or they risk getting left behind by their competition.

US DigitalAd Spending Forecast By Device

Mobile continues to grow and become more prominently featured at the core of our digital marketing

What does a digital marketing agency do about being social?

We spend a significant amount of time convincing the C-suite that spending resources on social media will improve their company's brand. Some executives have yet to be convinced that social media is the answer to the question, "how to increase market share against my main competition;" some wonder if it's not just the latest black hole for insurance marketing dollars.

Components of Social Media

There have been significant amounts of growth in social networking spending and it is expected to continue to increase

Every digital marketing agency knows that Social media is here to stay.  The many businesses that are choosing not to use social media – mainly because they don’t understand it – are going to regret hiding their heads in the sand.

  • First, listen to your policy buyers; determine their needs and preferences for consuming content.
  • Second, align social media efforts with traditional insurance marketing activities.
  • Thirdly, map social media efforts to business goals and determine metrics of success.