Marketing Consultant

Marketing Cycle Chart

As Marketing Consultants we know that understanding your market is key.  Armed with the right market Intel, Henderson Robb can formulate strategic conclusions about your customers, trends in your industry, and how to monitor and assess your competition, as well as emerging markets.

Marketing Consulting Firms give you insights about your marketing campaign’s effectiveness, objectives and ideas for new strategies.

As a marketing consulting firm we help our customers by making them aware of products, customers, demographics, pricing strategies, and current promotions.

A Man Spying at His Competing Brands

A Marketing Strategy, once out in the marketplace needs to be tracked and measured.

As with most Marketing Consulting firms, we rely on customer feedback and sales reports to benchmark the progress, success and or failure of our marketing strategies. 

Effective Inbound Marketing Chart

Marketing Consultants need to be accountable

  • Digital Marketing Intelligence – Helps companies increase revenue, profit, and/or market share
  • Marketing Department Accountability – In general marketing departments are becoming more accountable for revenue generation
  • Understanding Your Market – Knowing how effective your marketing efforts are should be your greatest need

Nurtured Leads Make 47% Larger Purchases

A good Marketing Consultant will Lead and Nurture

Henderson Robb has helped many companies generate leads and help put programs in place to measure the return on investment required to keep the funnel filled with meaningful opportunity.

  • Sales Cycle – Marketing Consulting firms need to help clients identify the length of the sales cycle, 3, 6, 9, or 12 months
  • On-going Communications – We help with on-going communications to contacts who have responded by email, telephone, and snail mail
  • Lead Nurturing – The sales team needs coaching to follow up with email, calling, and/or presentations to keep top-of-mind

Marketing Consultants Preach Content Development

Good Marketing Consulting Firms Preach Content Development

As marketing consultants, we believe strongly in content development.  We develop strategy and content by industry, then we apply it to e-marketing in email, e-surveys, direct mail, telephone, landing pages, micro-sites, e-newsletters, webinars, seminars, trade shows, and social media.

91% of B2B Respondets Use Content Marketing

Marketing Consulting Firms Need to Hit the Target

  • Target Audience – Our clients provide us with both inactive and active customer lists and profiles of additional contacts from any sourced lists
  • Contact Verification – We work with our customers to define a list of contact titles and companies to be targeted, we source and verify the contacts, including: CEO, COO, CFO, CIO, Sales and Marketing

Marketing Goals and Objectives

We use Database Management, Reporting and CRM to deliver Inbound Accountable Marketing

Internal or external CRM needs to be used to integrate and track the activity during our inbound marketing campaigns.  We report back to our customers on email open rates, click throughs, electronic surveys, outbound calling, landing pages and micro site direct mail.  Knowing what your return on marketing investment is will allow the program to be funded during the sales cycle and beyond.

Closed Loop Marketing Cycle

Marketing Consulting Firms need to have 8 key components to create a successful inbound marketing campaign.

  • Web Design
  • Content Marketing
  • Mobile Marketing
  • Email marketing
  • Blog and Landing Pages
  • Social Media
  • Customers

As a Marketing Consultant we have helped companies apply these components to meet their objectives and create Inbound Accountable Marketing campaigns that are successful.