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Mobile Web Design Before and After

As your web design agency we help our clients through their web building process by following mobile design best practices – especially security.

Businesses, including the insurance industry, are failing their customers when it comes to security.  Only 1 in 5 websites we've analyzed is protected by SSL. SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) creates a secure tunnel between a visitor's browser and a website's web server.  The information that is sent over the tunnel is protected, so that a third party can't peer into the data.  It protects the exchange data between the two endpoints, such as a visitor's username, login password, email address or the personalized cookies that the website sends to the visitor.

Since Google's recent announcement that SSL will be a ranking factor in search results, all business must start prioritizing the security of their sites as part of a website redesign strategy.  In fact, one of Google's Webmaster Trends Analysts said that HTTPS can be a ranking tie-breaker between two otherwise equal sites.  So SSL doesn't just keep your visitor's connection to your website secure, it also has strong SEO implications.  
mobile secure web design using SSL
MORE IMPORTANTLY - Businesses need to safeguard their customers' information.  In the past years, historic breaches affecting Fortune 500 companies, as well as national governments, have been in the news.  For every Target or Sony Pictures of the world, there are also thousands of small businesses that, after being breached or affected, often suffer even more disastrous financial consequences.  Most don't have the funds to cope with the after effects of a breach and end up closing shop.  
Responsive Web Design Samples

As your web design firm what we would do to fix your security score

  • We would ensure that your content management system has SSL capabilities enabled.  If they aren't your options are unfortunately limited.  
  • We would work with your host's customer support and development teams to prioritize SSL and request a time line.  If we could not obtain a time line for SSL protection from your website host, we would suggest you consider moving your site to one that has SSL as a core feature.  
  • We would recommend HubSpot because after seeing the increase in weight given to SSL sites and hearing feedback from their customers, HubSpot enabled one-click SSL within its website platform for free.  

Free SSL Security

What this means for mobile web design services

  • The majority of websites we've analyzed would have received high marks five years ago, but websites today are clearly behind the curve.
  • Mobile Website design & development fundamentals, and its corresponding user experience, operates on a sliding scale that evolves over time.
  •  Mobile responsiveness, security, and many aspects of SEO and performance weren't a big factor in the past.  But the technology has changed so much, what didn't matter yesterday makes all the difference today.

Planning Your Website Redesign

Where should you start now with your web design company?

  • We think websites should undergo iterative improvements over time, rather than a carte blanche redesign every couple of years.  
  • The model of setting and forgetting your website simply isn't practical given the pace of technological change and the fierce competition websites encounter to rank highly in search.  
  • Web design services like us, Henderson Robb Marketing can help you focus on ongoing improvements to your website to keep your insurance company, retail business or financial services organization ahead of the curve and help your website make the grade.

Henderson Robb Marketing has the expertise from years of designing and building websites that are inbound marketing ready

  • Our award winning team of web developers and web designers create secure and search friendly websites
  • We start with a redesign strategy to make sure that our clients can benefit from a website that is ready from day one to take their business to the next level whether it’s B2B or B2C we know how to make websites

Let's take a look at some of the most common conversion killers:

  • Conversion Aversion - this is probably the web's leading contributor.  If you do not have an agreed upon definition of conversion at your financial services company shame on you.  Make sure everyone knows that when you are creating your website redesign strategy that you answer the question, "what is it you want the first time visitor to do?"  It's not, "go to our contact page and fill out the form."  Offer a reasonable 'baby step'.
  • Page Pollution - If your homepage, or your campaign-specific landing page, is crowded confusing, and poorly designed, these are DANGER signs.  No one will wade through a messy page.  Make it welcoming, simple, and clean.  Go easy on the options.  Remember, marketing intelligence can help you figure out what works best.  Do some simple A/B tests with different landing pages in your email offers.  When you want to communicate your company's features and benefits, keep the list of options simple.  Keep your landing pages neat, clean, and comfortable. 
  • Keyword Disconnect - even in the financial services business, website traffic comes from other websites.  Google, Yahoo, and Bing, along with PPC (pay-per-click) are good reasons.  So keyword continuity is very important. If the term that a visitor uses to discover your content, or at least the concept behind the term, doesn't jump off the page and into the prospect's brain you have keyword disconnect.  Deliver what your visitor came to find.  Your landing page should reassure the reader that she's come to the right place and, of course, relevance is the key to conversion.  Keep your keywords, clean and simple.  The headline the visitor discovers upon arrival should map to the phrase they just clicked if it's in a specific campaign, via search, PPC, social media, guest blogging, etc.
  • Buzzword Breakdown - If you use words like infrastructure,' 'software as a service,' or any other industry jargon to describe what you're selling, stop!  Save your buzzwords for your product pages and data sheets.  Stop talking to yourself.  Talk to your prospect like a person.  Be personable.  Write person-to-person.  Anything else is conversion poison.

If you are still using a static website five or more years old that isn't inbound ready and haven't given it an update then it's likely you are guilty of these violations and probably more:  

Even if your site is relatively new, do yourself a favour and make sure you are:

  • Fostering credibility
  • Offering helpful content
  • Make sure you're keeping your content clean and relevant
  • Inspiring interaction
  • Embracing social media 
  • Easy to search on the site

As a web design company, Henderson Robb can get you started on the path to increased conversion.